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Long-Term Applicants

Whether you are looking at your first career decision out of college or a second or third career in your life, ABWE has ways that you can serve. No matter how many years you have to give, the Lord can use your skills.

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Adult Short-Term Applicants

Our short-term program is designed to provide post-college age adults with ministry opportunities alongside our ABWE teams in all areas of ministry, from as little as several weeks to as long as two years.

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Student Applicants

ABWE Students is our program that offers a variety of opportunities for college students to serve as short term missionaries through either team trips or internships.

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Medical Short-Term

International Healthcare Ministries reach out to those who hurt in body and soul through compassionate evangelistic healthcare ministries in many different parts of the world.

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Project Office Volunteers

The ABWE Project Office provides volunteers with a life-changing opportunity to serve God either short or long term on one of our many construction projects.

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Mission Opportunities

Opportunites abound to serve the Lord with ABWE. For more information on where we serve and what opportunities exist, please visit the serve section of our public site.

Need Help?

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