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Steps to Long-Term Missionary Service

  1. Getting to Know You

    Regardless of how far along the path to missions you are, if you believe that the Lord is directing you to vocational ministry, we want to get to know you early on the journey. Our desire is to help you develop your full potential to the glory of God.

  2. Preliminary Application

    This is the first step in getting to know you and your talents, interests, and educational background. Once the Missionary Mobilization Department learns of your interest in vocational missions, we ask you to complete a preliminary questionnaire. Through our communication with you, our review of the questionnaire, and the recommendation of your pastor and home church, we will then be able to counsel you as to your next step.

  3. Formal Application

    The formal application takes at least three to four months to complete. The procedures to be completed are as follows:

    • Candidate Questionnaire
    • Background Check
    • Missionary Applicant References
    • Personal History Essay
    • Medical History
    • Physician's Report
    • Psychological Testing
    • Required Reading
  4. Doctrinal Evaluation

    As a candidate you will be evaluated through a written and oral testing process to affirm that your doctrinal position is in agreement with ABWE’s doctrinal statement, and to insure that you have an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the Word of God.

  5. Candidate Seminar

    Through our annual Candidate Seminar we hope to introduce you to ABWE. We strive to foster a team spirit by helping you to build relationships, grasp new information, and apply it to your life and future ministry. We encourage a spirit of complete openness in our communication and fellowship together. During this time you will be exposed to different fields and the needs that each one represents. At the completion of the Candidate Seminar, candidates go before the ABWE Board for acceptance and appointment to the field.

  6. Pre-Field Ministry

    This is the opportunity for you as the missionary appointee to challenge churches with the burden God has given you to reach “the regions beyond.” It is a time to learn to trust God to meet your spiritual, emotional, and material needs.

  7. Commissioning

    As the sending agent, the home church commissions vocational missionaries before departure for the field.

  8. Departure to the Mission Field

    Once pre-field responsibilities are complete, release to the field is approved.

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Application Assistance

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