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Serve with ABWEAdult Short-Term Applicants

Endless opportunities are available for short-term vocational ministry through ABWE’s Adult Short-Term Program! Our short-term program is designed to provide post-college age adults with ministry opportunities alongside our ABWE teams in all areas of ministry, from as little as several weeks to as long as two years. Whether you are an educator, medical professional, computer technician, pastor, engineer, etc., you can be used to the fullest in cross-cultural service as a part of our global mission team.

Short-Term Field Prep (STFP)

Those seeking to serve six months or longer, or in a challenging ministry or location, are required to attend our Short-Term Field Prep training. STFP is a three day event held in our ABWE home office each June and October. ABWE provides the training, training materials, meals on campus, and hotel accommodations at no charge to you. You are only responsible for your transportation to and from Harrisburg, PA.

What are the Qualifications?

Applicants for the Adult Short-Term program must show evidence they have had a salvation experience and reflect the essential characteristics of a Christian as found in Acts 11:24—a good man or woman, full of the Holy Spirit and faith, and leads others toChrist.

Candidates for short-term ministry must be a citizen of the US or Canada. Legal immigrants (alien residents) who have resided at least four years in the USA or Canada and have applied for citizenship are also eligible for ministry service.

Doctrine and Core Values
As we follow a Biblical model and strive for team unity, it is important that all adult short-term applicants be committed to the Baptist distinctives and be in agreement with ABWE’s doctrinal statement and guidelines for ministry found in our ABWE Missionary Handbook and Policy Manual

Active Church Membership
ABWE is committed to the local church and your membership in a church is an important aspect of your missionary service. We partner with churches whose doctrinal position and practice are compatible with that of ABWE’s, coming alongside the sending church providing services, training, encouragement, and accountability to the short-term missionary being sent to serve. We partner with Baptist churches, Bible churches, and unaffiliated churches (i.e. Grace Community Church).

Please read the What You Need to Know page. 

Application Assistance

If you have any questions about this application or if you are unsure how to proceed, please contact us for assistance.